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Impole Internet of Things [IoT] Practice Growth

Waltham, MA. March 3, 2018. The exponential growth in 2017 of Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms saw hundreds of companies announcing its own offerings. However, the growth was not supported by an increase of affordable and open sourced compatible applications. The market dearth of capable application developers has left many vendors scrambling to build their partner ecosystems. Impole’s IoT group benefited from this need and signed with several IoT platform suppliers to help them build viable ecosystem. Many suppliers were prompted to build their own internal platforms based upon the forecasts of huge volume of edge devices and their potential ignoring that these forecasts often extend the date of utilization further and further because of the integration complexity and lack of applications development. Still more and more platform suppliers are getting ready for the inevitable growth of automation as illustrated by one progressive company executive’s quote: "The internet of things is going to get bigger, you can sit on the sidelines and watch until it takes off, or dive in and participate and try to influence where things go. We're diving in. We need to have our ecosystem in place when the market is not only ready, but also to educate the market. We will have financial and other support ready to beat the competition when the growth explodes". SVP, Global Partner Ecosystem

Eugene Lysak, Executive of Impole, comments:"Many vendors turn to us to streamline their process of identifying the right partners in order to shorten the process of partner onboarding and ease subsequent collaboration with the partner." He added, "IoT suppliers realized that they need to give their IoT prospects more help with not only innovative tools but also with basic evolutionary capabilities, which they now tend to overlook due to pressure for faster investment returns. "

Impole's client base is mostly comprised of leading technology companies and innovative startups that seek to transform and adopt best marketing and sales practices in order to succeed in new markets. Impole understands that such applications as IoT cannot be randomly offered but need to be carefully integrated with allied technologies and consideration must be given to each prospective customer's market position and company culture.

"An understanding of a company’s dynamics and reaction to new technology is very hard to uncover by the various forms of traditional digital marketing, but is indispensable to success in complex markets, such as IoT, and direct approach shortens buy cycle."added Mr. Lysak

For more information on Impole's Internet of Things innovative insight and corresponding programs please contact Eugene S. Lysak at esl@impole.com or 781-890-9522 ext. 1157

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Impole's direct approach and evidence-based services have helped numerous companies and startups grow their business-to-business market position and revenue by delivering potent go-to-market tactics. Impole's main market contribution is to companies who offer solutions requiring seamless integration of new technology with prospective customers' legacy systems in order to accelerate net new revenue growth.

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