"40 years of driving measurable marketing and sales engines"



Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing and sales is evolving at an ever accelerating pace. New information sources and communication tools are launched every day offering businesses ways to improve overall revenue acquisition cycles. While this trend enables companies to brand faster, in complex business markets it does not produce the needed insight into an account's dynamics to enable a sales approach. That's where Impole comes in.

Impole's easily customized suite of services provides a differentiated market panorama with "buy" dynamics for each account and, in aggregate, promotes more effective resources allocation.

With our modular marketing (or sales) services you obtain better understanding of each account's needs so you can focus on the "best fit" ones and accelerate favorable purchase decisions. Impole provides the differentiation to elevate you from just a vendor to an influential "trusted advisor" and front runner.

The ultimate measure of any service from our suite is a mutually agreed upon set of indicators which tracks our contribution to your revenue growth. To stay on the forefront we are continually enhancing our services impact on revenue stream flow with our evidence-based learning.